Uncategorized January 23, 2024

10 Stress-Free Steps To a Spa-Like Bathroom

Do you love the feeling you get when you go to a spa and instantly feel all of your stress melt away? It’s amazing. But it’s also expensive. Get that same relaxing feeling in your own home by creating a spa-like bathroom that makes you say, “Aaaaaah.”

10 Easy Ways to Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Spa

Think about the last time you visited a spa. You likely saw soft, subdued colors, low lighting, and crisp, white linens. You also probably heard soft music or nature sounds and breathed in pleasant, relaxing aromas and essential oils. 


All of these elements add to the overall spa experience, which ultimately aims to make you feel relaxed and like you’re living your best life. Who wouldn’t want that in their own home?


Anyone can create a spa-worthy bathroom with a bottomless budget and tons of time. But, let’s face it. Most people are busy and on a budget. If you want a bathroom that makes you feel like a million bucks (without spending it), check out these simple tips. 


You can tackle these easy, affordable tweaks over a weekend. Before you know it, you’ll instantly make your bathroom feel like a blissful retreat.

1. Choose Subdued Tones

Opt for calmer, gentler tones in the bathroom to achieve a cozy, restful vibe. Don’t go too dark or bright. Narrow down your options to a few favorites and purchase some sample jars to test out on the walls. Make sure to see how the color looks in both bright and dim lighting.

2. Use All White Linens

Get rid of old, worn-out towels and replace them with new, fluffy white ones. There’s something super luxurious about plush, soft towels. 

3. Introduce Natural Elements and Nature

Many spas include organic materials, like teak bath mats, lush greenery, dried or fresh flowers, etc. Introduce these items in your space in ways that fit your style. 


It could be a vase of fresh flowers on the vanity (opt for soft colors), a wooden tray across the bathtub, a gorgeous Peace Lily, or other potted plants.  You don’t need to overfill the room with them, but a few tastefully placed pieces make a big difference.

4. Install Dimmers

There’s nothing spa-like about garish lighting. Don’t settle for one single light source or an all-bright overhead. Instead, install dimmers on your main lighting so you can adjust it lower. Add a lamp to your vanity for a softer glow, or try some LED candles throughout the space.

5. Add Pleasant Scents

Use essential oils like lavender, rose, tea tree, eucalyptus, and your other favorite scents to add a relaxing aroma to your bathroom. You can introduce scents through wax melts, diffusers, or placing a few drops of your favorite oil into the tub or shower.

6. Remove All Clutter and Use Creative Storage

If your bathroom counter is covered in make-up, toiletries, hairbrushes, and other items, it doesn’t feel peaceful. Plus, it likely takes you much longer than necessary to get ready, which adds to your stress. Get rid of unnecessary items and keep surfaces clear.


Using clever bathroom storage helps you corral your remaining items. Get adequate storage solutions for inside bathroom cabinets. Try floating shelves with decorative baskets to tuck away extra items. Use a beautiful basket near the tub to store and display rolled-up towels.

7. Update Your Fixtures

If the plumbing fixtures are a bit outdated, this should be a place you splurge a bit. You don’t need to spend tons, but even replacing the shower head goes a long way. If new items aren’t in the budget, at least clean your bathroom fixtures.

8. Mix Materials and Textures

To achieve the spa look and feel, bring in various textures and mix different materials. This gives the space a more inviting, warm, personal feel instead of being cold or builder-basic.


If space allows, add a plush, bathroom-friendly rug, use a woven basket for towels, and hang wooden shelves for displaying accessories. Perhaps you have a black showerhead and faucets, but leather pulls on your vanity drawers.

9. Say Goodbye to Labels

Instantly give your bathroom a more sophisticated, elevated design with this simple trick. Empty all of your shampoo, hand soap, bubble bath, etc. into pretty containers or bottles. 


If your budget is tight, on any bottles with sticker labels, at least remove the label. For safety, avoid using glass for items you keep in the shower and tub areas.


10. Add Seating

Consider adding some sort of seating in your bathroom if you have the space. It doesn’t need to be an entire seating area. But try a small teak stool next to the tub. It can even double as a table surface for a cup of tea and a book when you’re relaxing.


Other options are a vanity chair or stool or adding a small bench against a wall. If you need more storage in your bathroom, look for seating options that feature built-in storage.

Bring on the “Aaaaah”

How much or how little you do in your bathroom is up to you. What’s most important is that you create a space that feels right for you and your style. Don’t be afraid to add in some pieces that reflect your personality and provide a unique touch to the space.


After incorporating some or all of these ideas, you’ll be amazed at how different your bathroom feels without needing to knock down walls or take out tubs. Take a deep breath, roll up your sleeves, and get to work. A beautiful space is waiting for you.