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Don’t Forget These Steps When Selling Your House

Getting ready to sell your house? You probably already know you need to make your home look its best. You also likely plan to use a real estate agent, so you know you need to find one. Maybe you’ve even already started researching moving companies. But there are a few things you need to do when selling your house that might not be as obvious.

Things Sellers Overlook When Selling a House

If you already have an amazing real estate agent, then they should have gone over all of these things with you. But, let’s assume you’ve just decided to sell, and you’re making sure nothing falls through the cracks. Some things are obvious, but others, not so much. That’s where this list comes in handy.

1. Check Your Agent’s References and Prepare Questions

Don’t hire the first real estate agent that comes your way. It’s also not the best idea to use your great aunt’s best friend or your roommate from college who just got her real estate license. 


If you were looking for a new doctor, a contractor, or a tutor for your child, wouldn’t you put a bit more thought into it? The search for your real estate agent deserves the same scrutiny and forethought.


Prepare a list of questions to ask your agent regarding their experience, knowledge of the area, how many homes they’ve sold recently, and their fees. Discuss their marketing plan, how many days on the market their homes average, and if you’ll work with them directly or with a team. 


Also, find out about their schedule and availability and what they would suggest you do to prep your home for sale. Ask for referrals. They should be happy to supply you with a list. Then, call a few of their references to get some honest feedback.

2. Google Your Address

Everyone does everything online these days. So anyone considering buying a house will be searching online, and if your home pops up, what will they see? Nicole Beauchamp NYRS ®, Senior Global Real Estate Advisor and Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker at Engel & Völkers, recommends sellers google their address. 


She says, “In addition to seeing how the listing appears across various syndicated websites, it may also help to flag if there are any fraudulent postings.” You should discover a problem so you can fix it before potential buyers see it.

3. Make Sure to Include Social Media Marketing

People eat, live, and breathe social media, so neglecting to include it in your marketing plan is a big mistake. Make sure your agent plans to use social media marketing when selling your home.


According to Maureen McDermut, a top-selling agent with Sotheby’s International in Montecito, CA, “Social media marketing is essential to getting more buyers to see your home. As most buyers begin their journey online, showcasing your home on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms will help you attract the attention of buyers, showing off your digital curb appeal and helping you generate multiple offers on your home.”

4. Be Upfront About Improvements, Problems, and Extra Items

Go through your home and make a list of any past and present issues and improvements. Did your water heater leak, and did you repair the den floor? Was there a fire in the kitchen? It’s essential to disclose these things before the sale so you don’t end up with lawsuits and other problems afterward.


It’s also in your favor to let people know of improvements you’ve made that may not be readily visible. For example, you updated all of the wiring or replaced the roof three years ago.


Finally, make a list of everything you plan to leave with the home and everything you plan to take with you. Ensure it is clear to your agent and all potential buyers what stays and what goes.

5. Clean Inside Cabinets, Closets, Appliances, and Drawers

When buyers look at your house, they’re essentially taking it for a test drive. Expect them to open up and look at everything. This means a basic house cleaning isn’t enough. 


Clean and straighten inside closets, cabinets, and drawers, so that buyers get a sense of space and care everywhere they look. Also, clean the refrigerator, freezer, microwave, and stove. If you hate cleaning, paying for a professional deep clean is well worth it.

6. Check the Doorbell and Porch Lights

First impressions are everything. If buyers already see problems before they even enter your home, it’s a big red flag. Make sure your doorbell works, the exterior lights go on, and straighten up the yard. 


Curb appeal is vital because if you don’t have it, many buyers won’t bother coming inside. According to NAR’s Remodeling Impact Report, “When working with a residential seller, 97 percent of NAR members believe curb appeal is important in attracting a buyer.”


Selling Your House? Don’t Let Simple To-Dos Fall Through the Cracks

These steps are easy and simple to do when you’re getting ready to sell, yet many people overlook them. Make sure to add them to your to-do list, and you’ll be on your way to putting your home’s best foot forward.