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Down the Shore Neighborhood Spotlight: Peck Beach, NJ Peck Beach is a relaxing stretch of sand in Ocean City, New Jersey, butting up against a residential neighborhood. The area was most likely named after a whaler with the same name, John Peck.   Where to Eat and Drink When your stomach starts rumbling during your visit to Peck Beach, give it what it […]
Buying Improve Your House-Hunting Odds Stay Flexible to Improve Your House-Hunting Odds  Buying a house is likely the largest purchase you’ll ever make, and it’s also an investment (hopefully, a good one). Understandably, you want your home to be everything you desire it to be, especially after spending so much money. But it’s important to stay flexible when house hunting, […]
Buying Neighborhood Spotlight: Beesley’s Point Beach, NJ You’ll find the quaint area of Beesley’s Point Beach nestled on Peck Bay, across from Ocean City, in Marmora, New Jersey. It is located in Cape May County. A landowner named John Beesley owned a large parcel of land in the area in the 1700s. Beesley’s Point was a popular destination spot in the 1900s […]
Buying May 2024 Market Statistics As we dive into the residential real estate market data from May 2024, compared to May 2023, several interesting trends emerge across Bucks, Berks, Montgomery (Montco), Chester, Northeast Philadelphia (NEPHL), and Mercer counties. This market snapshot provides a friendly overview of how key metrics have evolved over the past year.   Inventory Trends: A Mixed […]
Buying Neighborhood Spotlight: Ocean City, NJ Ocean City Beach is in Cape May County and is one of the most popular resort areas along the Jersey Shore. Ocean City Beach often earns a spot on “Top-10” lists for New Jersey beaches. This family-friendly area boasts ample opportunities for beach fun, cultural events, shopping, dining, and recreation all year long. The boardwalk […]
Home Improvements Prepare Your Home for Summer The summer heat is brutal, leading to sunburn, heat exhaustion, and headaches if you’re not careful. The heat and blazing sun also take a toll on your house. Use these tips to prepare your home for summer and the intense weather it brings.   1. Schedule Your Summer AC Service The general recommendation is to […]
Architecture Bungalow Style Homes Discovering the Charm of Bungalow Style Homes If you’ve ever strolled through a quaint neighborhood and found yourself charmed by the inviting, one-story houses with wide porches and cozy appeal, you’ve likely encountered bungalow style homes. These charming abodes, popularized in the early 20th century, offer a perfect blend of simplicity, comfort, and timeless elegance. […]
Design The Best Colors to Paint Your Bedroom Transform Your Sanctuary Your bedroom is your sanctuary, a place to relax, unwind, and recharge. The color you choose to paint your bedroom walls can significantly influence the ambiance and your overall mood. Whether you’re aiming for a tranquil retreat or a vibrant space that energizes you, selecting the right color is key. Here are […]
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Buying The Best East Coast Locations for Buying a Beach House The East Coast of the United States, with its diverse climates, stunning beaches, and vibrant communities, offers some of the best spots for buying a beach house. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful retreat or a bustling vacation destination, the East Coast has something for everyone. Here’s a guide to some of the most popular […]
Architecture Ranch Style Homes The Timeless Charm of Ranch Style Homes When you think of classic American architecture, one style that undoubtedly stands out is the ranch-style home. These single-story, sprawling homes have a rich history and a timeless appeal that continues to attract homeowners across the country. Whether you’re considering buying your first home, looking to downsize, or […]
Down the Shore Neighborhood Spotlight: Ventnor City Beach, NJ  Ventnor City is situated in Atlantic County, New Jersey, along the Jersey shore. It’s on Absecon Island and features beautiful beaches that are a favorite of many tourists and locals. The area is a popular oceanside resort and Ventnor City Beach is one of the best in the region.  Where to Eat and Drink  There […]
Design 8 Creative Ways to Reimagine Your Closet  8 Clever Ideas For  A Closet Makeover  With the recent rise of minimalism, plenty of people choose to downsize their clutter in favor of living with less. Maybe you jumped on the minimal mindset train, or perhaps you simply decided you’d prefer fewer things crowding your space. Now, you don’t need as much dedicated storage […]
Buying Neighborhood Spotlight: Jamison, PA  What to do; where to dine and shop; and what you don’t want to miss You’ll find the small village of Jamison situated along Route 263 in Warwick Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  It’s less than an hour from Philadelphia and is home to approximately 8,500 people. The town is named after the Jamison family, the […]
Buying Top 10 Plants to Enhance Your Garden 10 Plants To Plant In May or June With the warm weather finally here, it’s the perfect time to get your hands dirty and start planting! Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, May and June offer an ideal window for getting your garden in full swing. To help you make the most […]
Buying April 2024 Market Statistics  April 2024 Real Estate Market Report: Understanding the Trends As we delve into the details of the residential real estate market across Bucks, Berks, Montgomery (Montco), Chester, Northeast Philadelphia (NEPHL), and Mercer counties, comparing April 2024 to April 2023, it becomes apparent that the market is dynamic and evolving. Let’s break down the data to […]
Buying Dreaming of a Second Home Down The Shore? Hey Beach Lovers! Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about owning a second home by the shore? Imagine waking up to the sound of waves crashing, spending lazy afternoons on the beach, and watching breathtaking sunsets every evening. Well, if you’ve been considering buying a second home down the shore, let me tell you, you’re […]
Buying What To Do After Closing On A Home Congratulations! You made it through the tumultuous roller coaster ride of house hunting, found a home you love, and conquered the closing. By now you might feel like you’ve completed a marathon, but don’t kick off your shoes yet. There are a few things to do after closing on a home before you settle in […]
Buying Organizing Mistakes Having an organized home (and life) is something that many people dream about. But if you’re not intentional with your organizing habits, you could end up with more stress than when you started. Taking back control of your space isn’t just about making things neat and tidy — it’s about making things efficient within the […]
Buying Neighborhood Spotlight: Brigantine Beach, NJ Within minutes from Atlantic City, you’ll find the miles of coastline that make Brigantine Beach, New Jersey. The beach is also just two hours from New York City. Whether you want to enjoy the surf or the sand, this beach provides plenty of opportunities to do so with sailing, kayaking, and other recreational activities.   […]
Buying The CBH Family Joining Coldwell Banker Hearthside: Celebrating National Self-Employment Day Hey there! Have you ever thought about diving into the world of real estate? Well, as we celebrate National Self-Employment Day, it’s the perfect time to consider joining Coldwell Banker Hearthside. Here’s why it’s worth considering:   A Culture of Caring At Coldwell Banker Hearthside, we’re all […]