Buying Are You Making These Design Mistakes? Common Design Mistakes The interior design world changes trends more than a fickle toddler changes their food preferences. One day a certain style is all the rage, and the next, it’s lost its flair. But throughout the years, several design choices have remained consistent, and if you’re not sticking to them, the odds are good […]
Buying Getting a Contractor? 10 Tips for When You Have a Contractor When you embark on a major home renovation project or remodel, finding a reliable contractor should be at the top of your list. It’s essential to gather recommendations, read reviews, and interview a few options to find the right person for the job. You also want to […]
Listings 10 Home Staging Tips 10 Simple Tips for Staging Your Home Hey there, fellow homeowners! Are you gearing up to sell your house and move on to new adventures? Well, before you stick that ‘For Sale’ sign in your front yard, let’s talk about staging. Staging your home is like dressing it up for a fancy party – you […]
Design Designer Tips for Saving Money on Furniture and Decor Design Your Space Without Spending a Fortune After thumbing through countless interior design magazines, scrolling through Instagram, and binging HGTV, you might think you need a massive budget to make your home shine. But with a little digging and a few insider tips, you can achieve a designer look in your space without draining your […]
Real Estate 6 Tips to Keep Work and Play Separate When You Work from Home Working from home comes with lots of benefits, including flexibility, saving money on gas, and staying in your PJs. But setting up an office in your house means your work and personal life share space. It can be tricky to maintain privacy and set clear boundaries between work and play, leading to problems if you’re […]
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