Buying Neighborhood Spotlight: Brigantine Beach, NJ Within minutes from Atlantic City, you’ll find the miles of coastline that make Brigantine Beach, New Jersey. The beach is also just two hours from New York City. Whether you want to enjoy the surf or the sand, this beach provides plenty of opportunities to do so with sailing, kayaking, and other recreational activities.   […]
Buying Neighborhood Spotlight: Fountainville, PA Fountainville, PA: What to do; where to dine and shop; and what you don’t want to miss Nestled in southeastern Pennsylvania is the small town of Fountainville, home to roughly 1,000 people. Fountainville is in Bucks County, near the point where Doylestown, Plumstead and New Britain Townships meet. It’s approximately one hour from Philadelphia and […]
Buying Neighborhood Spotlight: Holland, PA Holland, PA Holland, PA, is in Northampton Township on the outskirts of the Philadelphia metro, with approximately 20,000 residents. Originally known as Rockville because of Mill Creek’s rocky cliffs, it was renamed Holland in 1870 after the original Dutch settlers in the 1600s. For most of the town’s existence, it featured mainly farmland, but in […]
Buying Neighborhood Spotlight: Revere, PA What to do; where to dine and shop; and what you don’t want to miss Discover the essence of Revere, nestled in the heart of Nockamixon Township near the Pennsylvania-New Jersey border. With its roots dating back to 1782, this Bucks County gem is a haven for those seeking a serene escape just an hour […]
Buying Neighborhood Spotlight: Richboro, PA What to do; where to dine and shop; and what you don’t want to miss Richboro, Pennsylvania is in Northampton Township and has a population of roughly 6,300. The area is home to Hampton Hill, Twin Trees Farm, John Thompson House, and Willow Mill Complex — all listed on the National Register of Historic Places. […]
Buying Neighborhood Spotlight: Warminster, PA Neighborhood Spotlight: Warminster, PA What to do; where to dine and shop; and what you don’t want to miss Warminster is in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and sits roughly 15 miles from Philadelphia. The population is approximately 30,000. Warminster gets its name from a small town in Wiltshire County, Salisbury Plain, England. The area boasts a […]
HuntingdonVelley Neighborhood Spotlight: Tullytown, PA Neighborhood Spotlight: Tullytown, PA The Dutch settled the area that is now Tullytown in 1616, but it was officially founded by William Penn in 1681. Originally, Tullytown was a village in Falls Township but became its own borough in 1891. Today, it sits in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with a population of approximately 3,000 people. Tullytown […]
NeighborhoodSpotlight Neighborhood Spotlight: Washington Crossing, PA What to do; Where to dine and shop; & What you don’t want to miss   When you visit Washington Crossing, you find yourself in the same place where George Washington crossed the Delaware. That’s right. This small village is home to the site where Washington crossed the Delaware River during the American Revolution. The […]
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Buying Neighborhood Spotlight: Warrington, PA What to do; Where to dine and shop; & What you don’t want to miss Warrington is a suburb in northern Philadelphia in Bucks County, founded in 1734. Its name comes from either the town of the same name in Cheshire, England or the similarly-named hamlet in Buckinghamshire. It is home to approximately 25,000 people.  […]
NeighborhoodSpotlight Neighborhood Spotlight: Penns Park, PA Penns Parks was founded in the early 18th century (although it didn’t get the name Penns Park until 1862). It is the oldest village in Wrightstown Township. The Crossroads Village rests a short drive away from Trenton, NJ, and Newton, PA. In 1716 it was Logtown, changing to Pennsville in the early 19th century. A […]
NeighborhoodSpotlight Neighborhood Spotlight: Pineville, PA Pineville, Pennsylvania, is in Bucks County, nestled between Wrightstown and Buckingham. Established in 1776, a cluster of pine trees near the crossroads led to the village’s name The Pines. (Many of the trees were cut down in 1846.) In 1806, the area was known as Pinetown, and eventually, in 1846, formally became Pineville.  The Vibe  […]
NeighborhoodSpotlight Neighborhood Spotlight: Southampton, PA What to do; where to dine and shop; and what you don’t want to miss    Southampton is in Upper Southampton Township in Bucks County. It shares its name with the English town from which William Penn’s followers embarked on their journey to America. It was recognized as a township in 1685. However, it later […]
NeighborhoodSpotlight Neighborhood Spotlight: Quakertown, PA What to do; where to dine and shop; and what you don’t want to miss    The borough of Quakertown in Bucks County is home to approximately 9,350 people. The original settlers of the area were the Quakers, hence the name. Quakertown borders the metropolitan areas of Lehigh and Delaware Valleys. During the 18th century, […]
NeighborhoodSpotlight Neighborhood Spotlight: Bedminster, PA What to do; where to dine and shop; and what you don’t want to miss    Bedminster is in Bucks County and has a population of approximately 7,400. It’s named after a town of the same name near Bristol, England. The original church in Bedminster was replaced in 1841 with a building everyone referred to […]
NeighborhoodSpotlight Neighborhood Spotlight: Springtown, PA Springtown is in Springfield Township in Northern Bucks County, nestled between routes 212 and 412. It got its start when Abraham Funk purchased 300 acres of land in 1763. By 1884, the population was 150, and today it is roughly 357.     The Vibe  The vibe of Springtown is a relaxed, small town with attractive […]
NeighborhoodSpotlight Neighborhood Spotlight: Yardley, PA What to do; where to dine and shop; and what you don’t want to miss    Yardley has a population of approximately 2,585 and is a suburb in Philadelphia in Bucks County. William Yeardley, a Quaker minister emigrating from England, settled the area now known as Yardley in 1682. He purchased 519 acres from William […]
NeighborhoodSpotlight Neighborhood Spotlight: Newtown, PA What to do; where to dine and shop; and what you don’t want to miss   Newtown is a small borough with approximately 2,300 people, located in Bucks County. William Penn founded the area in 1864 as a way to provide country homes to residents from Philadelphia and support the farming community. Newtown also is […]
Down the Shore Neighborhood Spotlight: Ocean City, NJ Ocean City is a family-friendly resort town in Cape May County. The area showcases 8 miles of beaches for summertime fun along with year-round entertainment and recreation. The borough boasts guarded beaches, a bustling shopping and dining scene, and a 2.5-mile boardwalk. Ocean City has frequently landed on various “Top 10” lists for New Jersey […]
NeighborhoodSpotlight Neighborhood Spotlight: Ottsville, PA What to do, where to dine and shop, and what you don’t want to miss   Ottsville is an unincorporated community in Bucks County, located in Tinicum Township. It is one of the oldest villages in the northern region of Bucks County. Settlers first established a church in the area in 1738. The former name […]
Down the Shore Neighborhood Spotlight: Sea Isle City Beach, NJ Sea Isle City is part of Cape May County and the Ocean metropolitan area of New Jersey. Charles K. Landis founded the area in 1882. Sea Isle has remained a popular tourist destination for many years. One of the oldest buildings in the town is the Colonnade Inn, where you can still stay today when […]