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8 Tips to Feel At Home in Your New House

8 Tips to Feel At Home in Your New House

Did you move into your new place a few weeks ago but still feel like a guest in someone’s house? If your new place doesn’t feel like home, you may feel like you made a mistake. But before you start giving in to regret, know that it can take time to feel at home in a new house.

For many people, it takes a few months before their new place starts to feel like it’s home. In some cases, it can even take a year or more. Of course, every situation is different, and many factors influence how long the adjustment takes. A big one is whether you wanted to move or if you were forced to because of certain circumstances.

However, all that aside, no matter the reason you’re feeling like a guest in your own home, what can you do?

Simple Tricks to Make Your House Feel Like Home

Here are 8 easy ways to start making your new place feel like home.

1. Unpack Essentials Right Away

Don’t try and live out of a suitcase or box your first week at home. It makes it feel like you’re in a hotel. Unpack essentials right away, so your home is functional and you can maintain your typical routine. This makes things less stressful and gives you the sense of control you would expect in your own home.

2. Place a Few Personal Items Around

Don’t let all of your things linger in boxes for months. Although you should wait to take most items out until you know where they need to go, that doesn’t mean you live among boxes for months. You need to unpack a few key pieces as soon as possible.

A few pictures and other personal items add a homey touch to your house. When you walk through the door and see these things, you’ll get an instant reminder that this place belongs to you.

3. Wait a Bit to Decorate

Don’t rush to decorate within the first few weeks. You might discover you’re trying to recreate your old place in your new house, and it doesn’t quite work the same way. Instead, get to know your new home a bit before you start making final decisions about colors, furniture, and decor.

4. Have a Nice Meal Your First Night at Home

Yes, after the stressful experience of house hunting, closing, packing, and moving, you’re exhausted. Ordering a pizza and calling it a day sounds like a great plan for your first night at home.

But a home-cooked meal can help set the mood for the weeks to come. If you live solo, invite a friend over and cook a tasty meal together in your new kitchen.

5. Get Messy

Many times, when people move into a new home, they try to keep it perfect, clean, and tidy at all times. It’s like getting a new pair of shoes but never wearing them because you’re worried about scuffing them up. Live in your house, and let some mess happen now and then. The sooner, the better.

6. Add Cozy Touches

Layer in a few comfy touches to your space, whether it’s plush pillows or luxe blankets. Even a pair of fuzzy slippers and a cozy sweater can help create the sense of warmth you’re looking for in your new space.

7. You’ve Got Mail

Setting up your mail to come to your new place is likely something you already did. But send yourself a few fun items, like a favorite magazine subscription, a package, or even a welcome home card. It’s always fun to get something pretty or personal in the mailbox, and it reinforces the idea that this is where you live.

8. Invite Friends and Family to Visit

For many people, it isn’t the house that makes a home, but the people and the memories you create there. Don’t wait until your house is picture-perfect to invite people over.

Instead, ask friends and family to visit for dinner, a game night or to watch a movie. Start making memories and enjoying the company of those you love in your new place, and you’ll start feeling more at home.

Don’t Worry If It Takes a While for Your House to Feel Like Home

Buyer’s remorse exists when it comes to home purchases, but often, you simply need to give your new place more time. If your move was particularly stressful, or you loved your previous home, feeling right in your new place can take a while.

Get your essentials organized, so you can stick to your routine, unpack personal favorites, and don’t be afraid of making a mess. Cook a nice meal your first night, invite friends and family to visit, and start creating memories in your new home.

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