NeighborhoodSpotlight Neighborhood Spotlight: Bedminster, PA What to do; where to dine and shop; and what you don’t want to miss    Bedminster is in Bucks County and has a population of approximately 7,400. It’s named after a town of the same name near Bristol, England. The original church in Bedminster was replaced in 1841 with a building everyone referred to […]
NeighborhoodSpotlight Neighborhood Spotlight: Springtown, PA Springtown is in Springfield Township in Northern Bucks County, nestled between routes 212 and 412. It got its start when Abraham Funk purchased 300 acres of land in 1763. By 1884, the population was 150, and today it is roughly 357.     The Vibe  The vibe of Springtown is a relaxed, small town with attractive […]
Uncategorized Kitchen Design Blunders: Are You Making These Common Mistakes? People spend about 400 hours a year in their kitchens. For many, the kitchen is a central part of the home, and it’s a room that guests often spend time in during a visit. Therefore, it’s understandable that you want your kitchen to look nice, but what if it’s missing the mark? Are design mistakes […]
Uncategorized 8 Tips For Real Estate Listing Photos That Sell Hopefully, if you’re selling your home you have a real estate agent by your side that you trust and knows what they’re doing. Although you could take the leap and sell by owner, using an agent reduces your stress considerably. One thing that a good agent pays attention to is using high-quality, amazing listing photos […]
NeighborhoodSpotlight Neighborhood Spotlight: Yardley, PA What to do; where to dine and shop; and what you don’t want to miss    Yardley has a population of approximately 2,585 and is a suburb in Philadelphia in Bucks County. William Yeardley, a Quaker minister emigrating from England, settled the area now known as Yardley in 1682. He purchased 519 acres from William […]
Uncategorized Home Improvements That May Not Boost Your Property Value While many homeowners undertake renovations to increase the value of their homes, not all home improvements have the desired impact on a property’s worth. Some projects may seem like a great idea, but they may not necessarily add value to your home when it comes time to sell.    To help you make better decisions […]
NeighborhoodSpotlight Neighborhood Spotlight: Newtown, PA What to do; where to dine and shop; and what you don’t want to miss   Newtown is a small borough with approximately 2,300 people, located in Bucks County. William Penn founded the area in 1864 as a way to provide country homes to residents from Philadelphia and support the farming community. Newtown also is […]
Down the Shore Neighborhood Spotlight: Ocean City, NJ Ocean City is a family-friendly resort town in Cape May County. The area showcases 8 miles of beaches for summertime fun along with year-round entertainment and recreation. The borough boasts guarded beaches, a bustling shopping and dining scene, and a 2.5-mile boardwalk. Ocean City has frequently landed on various “Top 10” lists for New Jersey […]
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NeighborhoodSpotlight Neighborhood Spotlight: Ottsville, PA What to do, where to dine and shop, and what you don’t want to miss   Ottsville is an unincorporated community in Bucks County, located in Tinicum Township. It is one of the oldest villages in the northern region of Bucks County. Settlers first established a church in the area in 1738. The former name […]
Down the Shore Neighborhood Spotlight: Sea Isle City Beach, NJ Sea Isle City is part of Cape May County and the Ocean metropolitan area of New Jersey. Charles K. Landis founded the area in 1882. Sea Isle has remained a popular tourist destination for many years. One of the oldest buildings in the town is the Colonnade Inn, where you can still stay today when […]
Down the Shore Neighborhood Spotlight: Ship Bottom, NJ Ship Bottom, New Jersey, is so named due to an incident that happened in 1817 with a shipwreck. Its unique name and borough were integrated into the Long Beach community of New Jersey in 1925. With a population of just over 1,300, this beach community would love to show you all it has to offer. […]
Down the Shore Neighborhood Spotlight: Stone Harbor Beach, NJ Stone Harbor is a charming area that stretches across a seven-mile island along the New Jersey coast. In addition to fishing, water sports, and other recreational activities, the area also boasts a quaint shopping and entertainment scene. It’s also home to the annual Wings n’ Water Festival, which celebrates the coast with an array of […]
Down the Shore Neighborhood Spotlight: Ventnor City Beach, NJ Ventnor City is part of Atlantic County in New Jersey, located on Absecon Island along the Jersey Shore. The pristine beaches make this area a popular oceanside resort area. Ventnor City Beach is ranked high on the list of best beaches in the New Jersey region, with clear water and soft, deep sand. What You […]
Down the Shore Neighborhood Spotlight: Whale Beach, NJ Whale Beach is in Cape May County, between Sea Isle City, NJ, and Strathmere, NJ. It gets its name from the whales that used to beach there in the 1950s. It offers panoramic views of sparkling water and a beautiful coastline, with many activities to enjoy in the surrounding area. It’s also close to the […]
NeighborhoodSpotlight Neighborhood Spotlight: Bristol, PA The borough of Bristol is in Bucks County and was first settled in 1681, making it older than Philadelphia. Formerly called Buckingham Township, it changed its name to Bristol in 1702 and was incorporated in 1720. It played an essential role in the American Revolution, known for its shipyards and their important role in manufacturing […]
Uncategorized Sustainable Living in Pennsylvania: Green Homes and Eco-Friendly Neighborhoods The desire for sustainable living options is on the rise. In Pennsylvania and New Jersey, this trend has led to the development of green homes, eco-friendly neighborhoods, and various local initiatives that promote environmental responsibility. In this article, we’ll explore some of the ways these two states are embracing sustainable living and the impact it’s […]
ThingsToSeeAndDo The Best Thrift Store Neighborhoods in Philadelphia Philadelphia is a city rich in history, culture, and diversity, and it’s no surprise that it also has some of the best thrift store neighborhoods in the country. Whether you’re a vintage lover, a bargain hunter, or just looking for something unique, Philadelphia has a thrift store for everyone. Here are some of the best […]
Uncategorized The Comprehensive Guide to Crawl Spaces: Everything You Need to Know Crawl spaces are often overlooked areas of a home, but they play a crucial role in maintaining the structural integrity and overall health of your living space. This comprehensive guide will help you understand the importance of crawl spaces, how to maintain them, and how to address any issues that may arise. What is a […]
Frenchtown Western New Jersey’s Hidden Real Estate Gems: Charming Small Towns and Rural Escapes Western New Jersey is home to a collection of hidden real estate gems, offering charming small towns and rural escapes for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. This region boasts beautiful landscapes, a strong sense of community, and a slower-paced lifestyle. Here, we explore a few of these picturesque locales […]
Hellertown Neighborhood Spotlight: Hellertown The small borough of Hellertown is situated in Northampton County, Pennsylvania. It’s a small town that is very much family and community-focused. It’s located just 20 miles west of the New Jersey border and offers affordable housing and a nice downtown area, plus it’s a great place for families.   The Vibe The overall vibe […]