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8 Creative Ways to Reimagine Your Closet 

8 Clever Ideas For  A Closet Makeover 

With the recent rise of minimalism, plenty of people choose to downsize their clutter in favor of living with less. Maybe you jumped on the minimal mindset train, or perhaps you simply decided you’d prefer fewer things crowding your space. Now, you don’t need as much dedicated storage space, but you do need ideas about other things a closet could be. 

If you don’t need to use a closet for storage, try one of these creative closet makeovers. 


1. A “Cloffice”-  A Mix Between A Closet & An Office

Need a place to work from home or simply pay the bills and return mail? Turn your unused closet into a mini office, or “cloffice.” Place a thick board from wall-to-wall to serve as a desk and remove the closet door.  

If you prefer to hide your office when not in use, hang a curtain. Install shelving or other storage solutions on the wall above the desk area to hold supplies, papers, or anything else you need. If it’s within the budget, hire an electrician to install an outlet in the closet to plug in a light, laptop, etc. 


2. Create A Cozy Reading Nook 

A few plush cushions, a small bookshelf, and a light source give you an instant reading nook. If you have a larger closet, position a comfortable chair and side table, a larger bookcase, and lighting to turn the space into a mini library. 

No room for a bookcase? Mount floating shelves with raised edges directly to the wall and display books with the covers facing out (a great solution for young children). 


3. Hide Unsightly Electronics 

If your extra closet is in a room where you watch TV, listen to music, or play video games, hide your electronics. Install an outlet and hang the television on the back closet wall. Place media shelves and other peripherals inside the closet and hide them behind the closet doors or hang a curtain. 


4. A Temporary Nursery 

A closet is a perfect place to set up a small nursery when you want the baby to stay in the room with you but lack space. Position the crib in the center and install shelving in the vertical space on one side of the wall for diapers, wipes, onesies, and other essentials.  

On the other side of the wall, position a changing table. If the closet depth isn’t large enough, use a fold-down changing table that extends out from the side wall instead of spanning the depth. 


5. A Hidden Craft Space 

If you love crafting, sewing, scrapbooking, or similar activities, then you know how messy things can get when you’re in the middle of a project. Instead of compromising your dining table or other valuable surface space, convert that unused closet into a dedicated craft area. 

All of your supplies go on shelves on the back and side walls, and a fold-down desk becomes your workspace. When you’re ready to take a break, fold up the desk and close the closet doors until it’s time to get back to it.  


6. Build A Bar In Your Closet 

Any hour is happy hour when you turn your spare closet into a bar. There are so many fun options with this one. Leave the doors in place to create a secret bar with a speakeasy vibe, or remove the doors and pull up some barstools. 

Hang a fun sign, store bar glasses and other supplies, and install an outlet for a wine chiller or mini fridge. Finally, invite over a few friends and toast to your new fun space. 


7. Create A Deluxe Vanity 

Place a full vanity in a closet and remove the doors to create a vanity nook. Or build a surface that spans the entire space opening as your vanity top and hang a beautiful mirror and lights on the rear wall.  

Hang some jewelry and let it double as art. Store make-up and supplies, and post your favorite beauty inspiration on the side walls. 


8. Make A Display Alcove For Art 

If you’re an art lover, turn a closet into a mini art museum. Place pedestals for sculptures or similar pieces and hang artwork on the wall. Install gallery lights and have fun with engraved name labels to identify your various treasured masterpieces. 


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